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More of a USPS rant than a CP rant (Give it time...), but I've got two packages stuck in postal limbo somewhere in the US...

I've got replacement Taco's from HSGI somewhere in the US, supposedly on its way here but according to CP's tracking site, it hasn't even made it into Canada yet and it was sent out 15 days ago... Oh I also called USPS to ask about this package but apparently they have no idea where it is and asked if I want to open a ticket... Time to email HSGI. AGAIN.

My other package is apparently on its way here but once again, USPS isn't sure... its either with Customs or their sorting facility at LAX or in transit to Richmond, which can't be correct as its been "in transit" for 5 days and I'm sure it doesn't take that long by air from LAX to YVR...

As much as I hate UPS, at least I know where my packages are...
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