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So to sum it up, if your team or local field arent funded/ran by the local Al-Qaeda recruitmemt cell, or some of your members arent members of or have ties to them and or are not on some type of watch list. You have a far better chance of getting struck by lightning in the same place twice on a clear sunny day while holding a winning lottery ticket.
many of us are on/have been on teams and with our teams (and on our own) we practice shooting, reloading, flanking, leap frogging, line formations.ect.
Noone i know in the community has ever been accused or investigated as a terrorist or something to that effect.
it just plain isnt going to happen without just cause so like.i mentioned if yer funded by or a member of some type of terrorist group, or you want to train airsoft so you can rob a bank or infiltrate some.sort of sensitive governmemt facility your likely gonna raise a flag and open yourself up to being investigated.
if you want to play and have fund slinning plastic at some like minded people on the weekend, no issues should come to you
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Hectic....FFS start writing in coherent sentences!!!
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Thanks Hectic,
While your posts are sometimes a difficult read, you sure are helpfull
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