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First of all, I appreciate all of your replies. Forgive me if I don't touch on all of your posts but I'll try to address all the comments in some way..

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
... some random law that never gets enforced... somehow there was a disconnect between your weird paranoia and the reality that Airsoft actually exists in canada
Not weird. If they're looking at you and need "anything" to get a grip on you, here's one. Look hard enough and you'll always see what you want to see. Selective enforcing of laws is a huge problem in Canada right now. And to say "never" is not only false, but ignorant.

Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
I can see I being used for suspected terrorist training. I doubt it would be applied for Airsoft.
It's illegal for me to run with a firearm. We're not allowed to pick up an SKS or T97 or whatever, prove it safe (this means unloaded), and perform any kind of drills. By drills I mean running, shooting, dropping, shooting, crawling, shooting, rinse & repeat. But, I can pick up an airsoft T97 and do the same drills? The law isn't about safety of the individual, it is specifically about drills and training. We can train ourselves on airsoft versions of real firearms we may already own, and so this law is flawed and illogical.

Originally Posted by Kokanee View Post
That law is in place to prevent another "Red River Rebellion", not to stop people from shooting each other with plastic on the weekends.
Seems to me it is in place to prevent another 1776.

Originally Posted by anthon View Post
If this worries you...airsoft is not your sport
I have a justified reason to be worried. I'm a guy that wants to play airsoft but I also own real versions of some airsoft toys. I don't want to ever get whitewashed by some bureaucrat because I shoot and stockpile ammo and play airsoft.
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