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there are VERY few issues with kwa pistols. I own a 226, I have friends that own various different ksc and kwa pistols, all have no issues functioning. The group I run with has a total of 12 kwa or ksc pistols. 2 226s, 3 usps 2 .45s and a bunch of glocks.

They do not fall apart in one's hands. KWAs are also built to shoot propane/greengas, with marui, maybe you can, maybe you can't. the KJWs aren't 100% marui compatible. Put .28s in it and laugh.

KWA 226 will fit without issue right into a real steel serpa. It's 1:1 to the real thing. The kjw and maruis are wider, so you have to modify hard holsters to fit. It's about half a mm too wide for a serpa. I have tried this with a kjw 229, it does not fit in my serpa without modding the serpa.

There are a few things to know about the kwa though.

the hammer spring will not be strong enough to shoot the pistol in 30C+ heat. The gas inside the mag is under such pressure the valve striker does not have enough force to knock it open. You can adjust this with a stronger hammer spring. Oddly enough a marui 1911 hammer spring will fit. But in releasing more gas, you lose efficiency, and sometimes the slide catch won't work when the mag is empty. But it WILL shoot in those heat conditions.

The other weak things about the kwa 226 is the nozzle return springs may snap over time... easy enough to replace.. .those parts are available from kwausa just call and order. In fact... any part can be ordered direct from kwa without issue (frames excluded of course)

The biggest issue on the kwa is the hopup rubbers. The OEM ones tend to absorb oils very easily and swell when they come in contact with silicone oil.. the primary lube you need to use for the slide. The falcon rubbers are supposed to fix this. I have a couple on order.

Honestly, mine shoots very well out of the box, and I got it used. It needs no upgrades. It's ready to go until the rubber swells. Mine has not needed anything other than cleaning and a hopup rubber in 3 years. I use it ALL the time, though it's being juggled now in a rotation with my tm 5-7.. which WILL selfdestruct itself eventually.

KWA 226 has been my go to since I started playing with a pistol 3 years ago.

The other thing with 226s and it's not specific to kwas, is that soft nylon holsters don't hold it well enough and as you move around the mag release will get hit and drop your mag.

Only way I found to prevent this was to either not carry a mag in the gun.. dumb when you need a pistol to work... or tape the mag on... dumb... if you need to change mags. Or pay for a serpa holster. And with a serpa, kwa drops in perfectly. 40$/mag or 80$ for the level 2 legrig serpa for a 226. pays for itself very quickly. Mine paid for itself in 1 game after the nylon holster dropped a mag twice.

I've probably put 3000 rounds through mine.
I futz with V2s, V3s and V6s. I could be wrong... but probably, most likely not, as far as I know.

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