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Originally Posted by Huge View Post
On a slightly different note, what is (if any) the usual leeway for fps discrepancy? Let's say someone comes in and chronies at 15-20 fps more than limit. Will he be allowed to play? Is it a significant enough difference? I have never seen it happen so Im curious.

Again the club I play with has FPS limits, not targets. Therefore it doesn't give leeway because you should really be under the limit anyway. Now if it was 1 or 2 fps, maybe that would be at the discretion of an admin on a case-by-base basis. 15-20? No way.

And I have seen it happen - guns hotter than the player thinks or often players won't know the muzzle energy of their own gun (it's new, they're new, etc) or weather changes push a near-limit gun over. They are usually surprised and then someone else lends them a conforming gun so they can play anyway.

This isn't universal - there are lots of groups and clubs with varying rules and guidelines that might allow it.
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