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Question Unlawful Drilling

Hi everyone, I'm new to airsoft and have been holding back due to this law I'm aware of.. I'd like to join a team and get some practice and have some fun, but there's this law that concerns me.. Forgive me if this has been covered already, I've tried searching here and found no results aside from a mention in Aug 2008.

Specifically, whats stopping LEOs from arresting an airsoft team, or an individual running drills using an airsoft (obvious replica -- ie. clear receiver, orange muzzle, etc) 'firearm', in regards to #70(1)-a? Because they operate nearly identically and have a so-called transferable skill-set.
Unlawful Drilling
Marginal note:Orders by Governor in Council

70. (1) The Governor in Council may, by proclamation, make orders

(a) to prohibit assemblies, without lawful authority, of persons for the purpose

(i) of training or drilling themselves,

(ii) of being trained or drilled to the use of arms, or

(iii) of practising military exercises; or

(b) to prohibit persons when assembled for any purpose from training or drilling themselves or from being trained or drilled.
Marginal note:General or special order

(2) An order that is made under subsection (1) may be general or may be made applicable to particular places, districts or assemblies to be specified in the order.
Marginal note:Punishment

(3) Every one who contravenes an order made under this section is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 70;
1992, c. 1, s. 60(F).
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