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A question that has been bugging me for a while: why do we chrony all guns before games with 0.2s, especially bolt action rifles? Let's say a BA fires at 490 with 0.2s but at 400 with 0.3s. It will be ungameable on most fields unless you have a Level 2 cert. What is the reasoning behind this? Isn't it "safer" to fire at 390 with 0.3s than 450 with 0.2s?

Our club chronos at .20g because a) you don't have to reset the chrono(s) between players and b) the club supplies the chrono ammo and c) everyone thinks in "fps w/.20g" and not in Joules.

As for the safety aspect, BB Bastard did a study on muzzle energy vs. projectile weight vs. engagement distance:
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