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Some game/field/organizers, will chrono you with whatever BB weight and type you actually use, and rate by kinetic energy, which I believe is a better way to ensure no one uses over-power guns (or, more precisely, over powered combinations) compares to use 0.2g BB for all, especially with the number of GBBs nowadays. (For AEGs, the kinetic energy change among different BB weight is relatively small, whiles in GBB, the kinetic energy change is more significant. )

Originally Posted by Huge View Post
Isn't it "safer" to fire at 390 with 0.3s than 450 with 0.2s?
390 with 0.3s = 2.12J
450 with 0.2s = 1.88J
In the end, it is the kinetic energy rather than the FPS that matters. Lighter BBs loses kinetic energy faster but to reduce complexity, only muzzle energy are being used most of the time.

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