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Originally Posted by DEATH2000 View Post
Was it listed as a "firearm part" or "airsoft parts"? The way it was declared could be the reason why it was flagged.
It was labeled as a gear box.

Originally Posted by KenTsui View Post
Is the gearbox empty?

When I tried to personally bring a complete gearbox (no motor) across the border, the CBSA agent asked me if it was a core part of the airsoft gun... I answered yes. I guess it's true that, even though, on its own it does not function, it does play a major role in determining the fps of an airsoft gun.

Now, before everyone gets all mad at me... Yes, I know the same thing can be said about just about every other airsoft part (barrel, bucking, body, etc), but you can understand how any doubt will be dealt with on the side of caution. Worse yet, even IF the gearbox has gears, piston, springs, cylinder, etc., they would have no real practical way of testing it.

If what they've held are the shells... well, then I'm just as confused as you are.
Complete Gear Box Without motor

Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
I had a V2 that sat in Customs for around two weeks. In their defense, they do somewhat look like a gun(trigger, nozzle at the end, etc). They'll release it, it just takes them a while to figure out what it is.
I have received a letter asking me to call and or contact them, and verify the goods. However there is some bright news... a friend of mine had a computer case held for a similar reason. Didn't pass X-ray

It is my understanding i have to call them and tell them that is is a gear box for a air soft gun that is clear bodied. Not a replica Firearm.

Question though is, are they going to call for a firearms license. IMO, they shouldn't its a gear box.

Originally Posted by Janus View Post
I didn't realize it was suddenly illegal to import small, incomplete air compressors.
That's what I am saying, it's technically a mechanical air compressor.

This is why I am confused... In my eyes this is the one of the items out of the many that should not be held. It should be inspected..... Not held.

As for anyone else, they are currently out of the office for the week, and I will not be able to reach them until as of next Tuesday


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