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Originally Posted by bigjdme View Post
My apologies slow if I miss lead you but I did not use the word "everybody" I started by PM one AV. And 4 weeks later no reply I moved on to another AV. And then posted in the forums looking for help.

Thanks you T-Hell I will send a PM to the people you have suggested. And thanks for the invite to badlands.

Thank you bioshock for jumping in with your weath of use full information regarding this matter.(duh)

The owner at the Eddie Creek field is also an age verifier and has games basically weekly there as well.

Also, until you have tried all the area verifiers please do not create these posts, we ask that you contact everyone first then if you have no luck create this type of post so an admin can look and try to help.

Remember to visit the forum FAQ section and read the forum rules and topics about age verification as well.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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