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Originally Posted by kaiu View Post
Same thing happened to my V6 Gearbox which looks even less like a gun

Except they sent it to me pretty damaged because CBSA didn't re-pack it well, they stuck it in a plastic bag and just taped all over it, things got banged up and cracked/dented/bent. (I think they lost/threw out the box/original packing)

*** Only good news was I only ordered the V6 gearbox for spare internal parts, not for the shell or trigger assembly. ***
Its absolutely discgusting how the CBSA can destroy our shipments coming into the country for "inspection" purposes, and have no oversight or recourse for us to recover our damages, Ive seen it happen so many times, and its infuriating to me, like, you people are being paid to do a job, show some fucking respect to the products that you handle... the latest case they snapped the stock of my buddies SVDS...incompetent assholes...

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The apartment I am in right now costs $100 a month.
My average spending on food per day is less than $4.
My airsoft spending in the last month and a half has totaled over $1400.
They're called priorities. Get yourself some.
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