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Originally Posted by CalvinTat
I may be in the wrong place trying to voice my opinion but... I personally feel that the Airsoft sport should be kept as low profile as possible. Many of my friends purchased those CT springers and 'they' do stupid things with them (I just sit back and laugh). To be totally honest, even at age 18 people there are many who are not mature enough to handle themselves. I vote No. We need more players but we need more mature players until Airsoft is legalized in canada. Once it is legal... by all means invite the idiots as they provide target practice
That is exacly why this "meeting" would be good. Teach the values and the way of thinking of the comunity even before they have held a weapon in their hands. Than, those theories get consolidated in the "noob day" camp.
After that, they can purchase their gear knowing exacly in what they are embarking.

Preaching by example is the best thing we can do for the new commers. And yes, airsoft could use new players. Hand picket, sorted and purified new players. That meeting would be phase 1 of the endoctrinement process.
(I know this last sentence sound weird :wink: )

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