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Gear Boxes Being Detained?

I am completely surprised, for a few reasons.

1) Out of all of the things I have imported into Canada for airsoft. Nothing had been held up until this day.

2) The thing they have held, in my opinion should be the last thing that ever is.

Today I got a notice about the item

-Gear box

Is being detained for the following reasons.

To Determine Admissibility.

It has no motor attached to it, it was declared as an accessory, and is the only piece of the rifle that isn't a replica to anything. literally you can place it in a clear body air soft gun and it's no different.

So I am stumped that this gear box I order is held.. but the "replica" or "replacement part" stock from Evike wasn't detained and at least had a phone call to describe what the item is, and for.

With that, I will call them tomorrow if not Monday to sort out this mess.

Still seems like a joke to me about this, last time i checked.. i didn't need a firearms license to import a clutch or transmission for my car from California, let alone a model train engine, or drill press.

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