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Originally Posted by Warderp View Post
For your own safety and that of the people playing at your event you should if you haven't already very strongly consider looking into several ways of protecting:
2)The other players
3)The property owner
4)Other people who may be in the area who have no clue what you are doing there.

Quick youtube video

... because even though no one wants it to happen... sometimes shit happens.
The person it happens to may be your best friend and have no intention of making your life miserable, but if he happens to be the guy who falls off that 3 story roof or out a window and breaks his neck someone maybe not even him will decide to hold YOU and the property owner responsible hence the previous insurance question.

Second you are playing with "toys" which just so happen to look, by coincidence like a REAL firearm, and if a neighbour happens by chance across to where you are playing and sees one of your "toys" and thinks it is a real firearm or is shot and hurt or even shot and not hurt you have committed an offence with a firearm with the penalty just like using a real one.

Additionally if the police get called and told that their are a "bunch of guys with guns over yonder" they WILL show up and WILL treat it as if you are shooting real bullets.

There is plenty of info here on ASC if you go look for it from people have done what you are trying to do if you look it up and follow what needs to be done you will save yourself, and everyone else a lot of grief.
Sorry if I seem like an ass with my post and it's replies, you guys are right and yeah I did under look this quite the bit. But I will answer your comment nonetheless:

I'm going to first address the video.. Many of the injuries shown in the video are very possible, but most are avoidable with basic common sense. There are a few injuries that aren't even airsoft related as well, it just so happens the injuries happened while airsoft was going on. When it comes to BBs being stuck in people and bleeding from being shot and all that, well, shit happens man, this is airsoft, not nerf. Those injuries can be easily avoided with additional protection that some players chose not to wear or cannot afford, I did mention that we can provide additional eye protection but we also have 2-3 paintball masks hanging around as well as a few of us used to be paintball players. Though on two occasions things have happened.. At our last game I lent my shemagh out to a friend who has one coming in the mail and wanted to try it out, I was hit in the cheek and left with a bleeding welt. Another time a friend reported he pulled a BB out of his arm, but no one saw it happen and there was but a basic bleeding welt where he said he was hit.

The field-type area we play in poses no out of the ordinary danger aside from maybe falling off the tractor I mentioned; or maybe as a long shot falling onto the steel and getting cut (it's not sharp at all, but I guess you never know). I understand that these are dangers and I guess it's a fallacy that I'm saying this: we've been playing over a year and even brought out some of our.. Less intelligent "herb enjoying" friends and even they managed not to get injured, but nonetheless this is a factor I would cover in an agreement. As for the abandoned building there are many dangers, thanks for your post as I now see it wouldn't be wise at all to play in there with strangers who are possibly a lot more clumsy than us.

And finally, the replicas looking like real guns.. There is one neighbor in the entire area and you have to go to the edge of the (very large) forest to even see their house, we never get engagements out there because it's out of the playing area and usually if you end up out there it's by mistake, any time we've come into view no one is outside and the place looks quite run down. As long as players stay in the specified area then there would be no risk of a problem.
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