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And this is what gets you banned.

are you fucking retarded you stupid fuck!? its a fucking polymer stock adapter. half the guns out there are polymer especially stocks. if you knew anything about real guns instead of the gay toys you play with (faggot) you would know airsoft toy parts are very often used on real guns because the airsoft toys are exact rip off replicas of real ones for people who are to gay to buy real guns. so for you to attack me for using a POLYMER stock adapter to connect to my real guns POLYMER stock means you dont know fucking anything about real guns. its not like im using airsoft toy trigger mechanisms or rails... its a fucking adapter. you speak of polluting the gene pool.... maybe you aught to kill yourself and your parents and save the rest of humanity from you repopulating. you can borrow a real gun if youd like. dont cry cause i own a ton of guns.. half of them worth more than your pathetic life. it takes a real man to fire .45acp all day... what do airsoft TOYS fire? oh thats right.. tiny plastic pellets... HAHAHHAAHHA. i couldnt give a shit if you delete my account or give me more infraction points. obviously you dont know what trolling is either. i wrote a legit complaint against a company and supported it with pictures. even if the part was going on an airsoft toy the screw still would have snapped when installing it you fucking idiot. the screw goes from the buffer tube to the stock adapter. the only connection to the real gun is by a quick release pinned hinge. know what someone is talking about before you talk shit you little faggot. im sure youre 17 years old. hahaha loser anyways delete my account if you want cause that was my only post. i posted to over a dozen airsoft and real gun forums and youre the only faggot that had anything negative to say about me. think about that..... fuck tard. anyone who knows guns knows the vector has such low recoil due to the bolts path when firing... you can one hand the gun accurately durring rapid fire. using a polymer part for a butt stock adapter is more than adequate. have a shitty life you little faggot. grow a pair of nuts and buy a real gun bitch. btw i wont be reading any messages you send back you punk bitch pussy. hahahhahahha faggot
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