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Originally Posted by Theesire View Post
The ouskirts of Niagara Falls at an old farm, if you're from Fort Erie, Ridgeway, or Stevensville and you're comfortable with it we may be able to pick you up or arrange a ride. The field consists of several areas: "Red Base", "Blue Base", the path, and the forest. Red Base consists of two parked trucks (great for mounting a gun atop of or sniping from) and other various cover. Blue Base has tires and pallets set up all over for general cover, some tall grass, and it contains an area with tons of bricks and cinder blocks which we've created great cover from. The Path contains an old boat, an old car (unlocked for the lulz), tons of scrap metal and fiberglass (moveable, great for building fortifications) and an old tractor which are all great for cover (standing on top of the tractor gives one a great view of the area). And lastly The Forest contains tons of thick brush and spans out quite far, it's great for flanking and there are a few old truck parts for cover inside of the forest. We usually play CTF but also regularly do TDM. The entire area is owned by one of our player's uncles so respect of the property is of high priority, the vehicles are all but wrecked and shooting them is no problem, but breaking a window out or something will be unacceptable.
If we have <12 people we go to an abandoned building across the street for CQB, it has it's own rule sets which will be discussed if we play (turnouts are almost always larger, but people sit out sometimes)

We always play on Sundays regardless of the situation, due to an upcoming game all the way in Picton we likely won't be doing one for the next few weeks, but when we're up and going again we'll be doing games every weekend or every other weekend depending on availability of players with vehicles. We usually start at 12-2PM and end around 8-11PM. (I will update this as soon as possible with confirmed dates)

Currently we have 17 regular active players who come out just about every time, we've had some great and some terrible turnouts in the past, all in all there are 29 of us in total including casual players who rarely come out. We're all very friendly and played all last year together while having only one argument due to a casual player not calling his hits
Altogether we have 28 guns (17 pro/high grade rifles, 8 handguns, and three clearsoft shit rifles) I myself do not have anything other than my AK but some of the other players would likely be more than willing to let you use (or rent) their guns for the day, no one would mind you borrowing magazines (we have 13 AK magazines and 16 STANAG (m4/l86/famas/m16/etc) magazines).
Currently Red Team has more of an insurgent/rebel/Middle Eastern look to it and we (I'm totally the Red Team captain pretty much every time) have a lot of Eastern Weapons while a ton of people on Blue Team wear woodland and tote Western weapons, but feel free to wear whatever and play on whichever team. Teams are divided based on weapon, I have a top-tech G&G RK EVO, a friend of mine has a top-tech G&G tr16 so we are equivalents and will often oppose one another whereas a friend has a glock while another has a P226 so they are equivalents, so they will do the same. We also have comms if you're interested in more realism.

  • Required eye protection, if you do not have "sufficient eye protection" we can provide it (ANSI rated machine shop face hugging glasses). They may be your eyes but I don't wanna be the guy that accidentally takes one of them.
  • 500FPS limit on automatic rifles, no other limits. This might freak some of you out, but it's just how we play and always have played, never had any problems. (to clarify, none of us have any guns that shoot over 420)
  • No RPS limit, none of us have polarstars or dual sector gears, but you might, and that's fine, though if you're using our ammo please do not use more than we have.
  • Call your damn hits obviously.
  • No talking once you've been hit, this includes telling your friends where the enemy is.

If you could bring either: 1. your own ammo and food OR 2. $10 for unlimited ammo all day, water, and we usually do a basic barbeque where everyone gets a few hamburgers or hotdogs. We generally use G&G bio-BBs but anything you wanna use works.
If someone is giving you a ride and you're the only one they had to pick up from a completely out of the way location gas money out of courtesy would be cool if you gave the driver $5 or something, but it's completely up to you.

It's been a ton of fun doing these games for the last year+, the only way I can see it getting any better is if we start getting bigger turnouts, and that's where you guys come in.

Additional information
If you would like to join us or come out for a game, a comment will do but I would far prefer a PM. It would also be convenient if we could swap cellphone numbers as I am not a regular user of this website and it is a far easier way to get a hold of me. Reddit will also work (I'll be posting this there as well). PM for my user name.

What kind of insurance do you have?
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