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Originally Posted by e-luder View Post

This is like saying you bought your favorite Transformer toy, opened it and broke it trying to transform him into vehicle mode. So you go back to Toys R Us hoping that they'll give you another one because YOU broke it. But you lnow they wont. lol.
If US retailers arent even doing it, why would you expect someone who is half a world away to do it?

Spoiled brat.

My favourite Transformer toy was always Megs in his G1 gun form.
None of these new age crap. Although... His Beast Wars iterations were pretty badass. His transmetal T-Rex was pretty unique.

Man if you bought the Masterpiece version of him, he's like impossible to transform into gun mode...

Moral of the story is:
Transformers = best toys ever made (debateable tho...)
Me thinks he may have had Go-Bots, not the "real" Transformers
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