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absolute CRAP company. will never buy again

First post. Joined all the airsoft forums JUST to spread the word about these crooks. I own a kriss vector carbine (real steel). There arent a lot of after market parts for the vector yet... so a lot of guys buy airsoft components because they will be just fine for the most part. so the story is this:

Bought a kriss vector m4 stock adapter and buffer tube from shipping was fairly quick considering its coming from asia. the problem happened when i tried to assemble the pieces together. ive worked with guns for many years and im a refrigeration mechanic by trade so i know how to use tools and assemble components. when i screwed the retaining screw into the adapter the screw snapped.... i was doing it by hand... how the hell does a screw snap when doing it up by hand. the worst part was the screw was snapped so deep in the adapter it would need to be drilled out. i contacted tokyo model and sent them pictures and stated what happened. the replied and basically said it was my own fault and too bad. i told them i expected them to send another adapter. they said no and too bad and that i obviously used too much force and snapped the screw... i replied telling them i was doing it up by hand and the screw was either cheap or defective and as a result the adapter isnt usable and will need to be drilled out. they replied again saying too bad and i could BUY another one and try again!!! I told them i was going to file a complaint and go onto forums and complain and they said and i quote "go ahead". so thats what im doing. im spreading the word to everyone who will listen..... DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE MOTHER F$#%^& unless you want some cheap china crap that will break and they wont back up anything they sell. i paid with my credit card so ill be sure to file a complaint with the card company as well and get the charges reversed hopefully. all included with shipping i paid nearly $100 for something i cannnot use unless i purchase another adapter. luckily i found some metal ones on ebay. i attempted to drill out the screw but it wasnt successful. i center tapped the broken screw, put it into a drill press vice, put the drill on a low rpm and used cutting oil. the idea was to drill a hole and use an Easy out to extract the screw. well it didnt go to plan. the polymer heated up dispite the low rpm and use of cutting fluid. the polymer cracked. the piece is 100% useless now.

I'm very angry with the lack of customer service and the shyt product not to mention the rude emails in broken english.
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