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Blacksheep Team Challenge - 24-26 October - Kansas


Blacksheep Team Challenge - Crisis City, Kansas - 24-26 October

1. Five person fire team competition

2. All events are scored as a team

3. 5k combat road march with weapon/full kit/30 pound ruck

4. Land navigation course (day and night)

5. 25 meter marksmanship range

6. Combat obstacle course

7. Railroad FRAGO (timed casualty extraction mission with friend/foe target array)

8. Urban Village FRAGO (timed raid mission with friend/foe target array)

9. Technical Rescue Tower FRAGO (timed HVT snatch mission and rappel extraction with friend/foe target array)

10. Collapsed Structure FRAGO (timed HVT rescue mission with friend/foe target array)

11. Aircraft Venue FRAGO (timed hostage rescue mission with friend/foe target array)

12. Pipeline FRAGO (timed secure and disarm IED mission with friend/foe target array)

13. $150/person ($750/fire team) (standard discounts apply - military and OPP/COVE)

14. Includes barracks with bunks, latrines and showers

15. $25 meal plan available

16. Open to MILSIM, military and law enforcement teams

17. Scoring for top five places in each event - 1st = 500 points, 2nd = 400 points, 3rd = 300 points, 4th = 200 points and 5th = 100 points. Cumulative score will determine the top five teams in the competition.

18. Prizes for top five teams will be determined later. Minimum First Place prize will be five FREE passes to the Blacksheep Team Challenge 2015 to defend their title and five FREE passes to all Blacksheep events for one year. Sponsors are encouraged to participate with prizes and raffle items.

19. Sponsors contact Blacksheep6

20. Closest airport is Wichita, Kansas and is about 75 minutes from Crisis City

21. Crisis City website -

22. Competitive events may be changed due to weather or other conditions.
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