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I was leaning away from a Plate Carrier because most if not all of my games are indoors or in the summer, I would need the extra ventalation of a chest rig. But the Battle Belt idea seems a bit smart for the weight and size. I don't really need an admin pouch, so no real need for that to be on my chest. Basically I need places for mags, maybe some tools and a small medic kit. A belt should work well enough, a chest rig offers more room though. That's my debate there.

The training I would like is basically, whatever helps me be better, faster, and more effective while getting shot less. Reloads, drawing, fast aim and target aquisition. I'd love to break rooms but I am in a small enough room to begin with, I don't have the space needed to breach anything.

If I could get away with it, putting tape on the back lawn and practice breaching a room, ("Button hook" left and right) would be a great thing to practice. Also would be great for team practice. If I had space to set up barriers of any kind, I would love to practive shooting from cover with my dominant side and non-dominant side. Limited space means limited training and drills... For now the most I seem to be able to do is mag changes and switching from rifle to pistol and back. and sadly close range target shooting.

Any drills and how they are actually done would be a big help to me if not others looking to maximize their fun in the sport of airsoft.
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