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If your inclined its very easy to build stuff that is applicable. The key here is finding out what you need based on what your training needs are. Are you working on drawing and firing? Tactical Reloads? Speed Reloads? Room Breaching?

I was able to set up a small space in my old basement for pistol drills, including speed reloads, reloading on the move, multiple target engagement and so forth. It wasnt a large space but it worked for what I wanted. Be advised though that some cities have ByLaws about discharging airguns/firearms/Airsoft in city so make sure you have good, or no neighbors. I was lucky because mine couldnt see or hear anything going on. My drawing skills are poor, but it wasnt hard for me to design a single target/BB catch system out of some basic lumber.

Thiers nothing wrong with running a Battle Belt as opposed to a PC. All depends on how much you wanna cary. For short skirmish's a battle belt would work fine with some HSGI Taco's.
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