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Home Drills, Gear, and Training

If this isn't the best place for thsi thread, please move it. I'll keep the change in mind for the next time I go to post. I don't mind making mistakes, I just hate making them twice...

I have been searching for a while now on the forums and have come across MANY posts about training and drills, yet not too many actually spelled out what to do for those drills at home where space may be very limited, and where the wife and kids can't stop laughing at you...

So how does one train at home? Seriously, how?! I've watched the Magpul videos, read links, posts and blogs. Yet I really am not sure how to fit a training area in a small section of basement that's maybe 25' x 10'. I just don't see a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood fitting in my 7' ceiling, let alone being about to utalize this training device for my drills. I also just don't have the room to manouver or 'slice the pie' around corners and such. And I don't really have the room for a shooting range, although I do have paper targets and cardboard boxes set up at the far end.

I'd love to get a 'spinning wheel' target for some simulated real life aiming/shooting.

Or if a friend comes over and we want to have a shoot out... nothing beats a dueling tree!

I'm sure these can be built at home with basic 'handyman' skills, for far less than retain price. (I just neeeded the pic to help explain what I meant).

Reactive targets I am sure would be a good aiming practice. And if you set it up so you run out of BB's before the last one falls, you get to practice a fast mag change. I even practice going from a rifle to pistol and back, just so I can get used to how to get the long gun out of the way of the sidearm.

I've even looked at using a Battle Belt rather than a Chest rig or Plate Carrier. (I'm still working out the details). The belt moves things off my chest and onto my hips, but also allows me to be far cooler on super hot summer days. Also the Belt allows me to be on my belly and still reach mags when needed without having to move around too much. Pros and Cons to both and I'm not sure which way I want to go to maximize my effectiveness (and fun), out in the field.

Just a couple months ago, I had been reading the debate of how much is the REAL cost of getting into airsoft. The bottom number was $600. I made it a personal challenge to buy gear enough to play and yet stay below that budget. At $550, I barely managed! I had only one gun, one pistol, a mask, a case for the guns, and some BBs. NOT a lot of gear! By the time you add in mags, vest of choice, more BB's, sling, targets, flowers for the wife so she still tolerates this new money pit of an obsession, BB's... The really REAL cost, is really a personal choice of products and how well you can haggle on price.

I am sure I'll be closer to $3000 by the time I have my basics all set up. Drop leg holster, CF sling, Camo BDU's, targets, I swear I should have bought stock in BB Companies...

I am not buying high end gear here! I'm running a Classic Army M4, and a KWC 1911A1. The pistol is a CO2, and I am starting to wonder if I should find a way to bottle air in little canisters to save money! I go though enough to seriously ask for bulk pricing!I haggled for everything from speed loaded, to BDU's, not to mention the guns themselves.

I figure that if you want to get the absolute basics, a few targets and all the BB's you think you'll never use, a realistic price is more likely around $1000 than it is at $600. That is still just the basics, nothing fancy.

If I had to start over, I would have set a realistic budget of $1500, bought about the same gear and a few things like chest rig or plate carrier, extra mags, more BB's and CO2 for the pistol. $600 sounds great but that barely covers a long gun and pistol, mask and BDU's. There really is nothing more basic that that.

As for training, I have found that a good number of "real steel" products can be used to some effect for 'at home' training. The budget here can be as little as free cardboard from a local grocery store, all the way to a canvas background and a few real steel targets at $100 or more each. So I am a fan of use whatever you can afford. And love it until you can afford better. I've used cardboard and am now using little metal targets, soon I hope to get that fancy spinning wheel. Might make one though...

So budgets aside, let's say you can afford to gear up a little and buy a few targets and have several thousand BB's at the ready and mags for them to go into. Now what?! What drills can airsofters do at home? What tecniques should be be trying to perfect? In short, what can or should I be doing that I haven't figured out yet?
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