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Originally Posted by Easy Company View Post
Hello, i am looking to purchase my first AEG and have been looking around on the market for one for the past while, and have a good idea of what I'm looking for.

Some requirements include:
marui spec internals
M4 or AK platform
High quality construction
Requires minimal upgrades to be durable and accurate

What upgrades would I need to make it reliable and accurate? Since no stock guns come shooting particularly well out of the box.
And how much would I be looking at spending on the recommended brand of gun?

Also I would preferably like it to be available from a canadian website, but if not thats ok. I'm looking to start my loadout, and will be built around my primary, as so far I've just rented from my local field. I'd like to thank you guys in advance, hopefully I can find what I'm looking for
VFC makes really great M4's and AK's
Although above your price range of $350, they are well worth it.
The only thing you need to upgrade in them is the hop rubber and potentially the barrel, for $50-$120 depending on what barrel you go with.

Understand that because everything is made in China, all manufacturers want to save money somewhere. If this were not the case, there would be no such thing as upgrades.
If you want a gun that shoots like an upgraded aeg out of the box, you'll either have to buy an upgraded aeg, or spend $800-$2200 for a realsword AK or systema ptw
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