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Originally Posted by Blitz85 View Post
Mesh/ punched steel, we're talking about the same thing. Fogging is a pain in the ass, especially with glasses. Most people don't allow them because bb's can shatter and get through the mesh.
This. I remember them coming out originally early 2000's and used one for a while, but when you get low quality BB's (or .12's) they can shatter on impact and you run the risk of shards getting past the mesh and into your eyes. I have seen it a game once, and thankfully their was no serious damage.

Almost all fields ban them as they are not ANSI certified in anyway. Shooting glasses from ESS, Oakley, Smith Optics are all much better as they are ANSI/Mil certified and some fields do allow those. I run ESS ICE glasses with the strap around the back and have never had an issue with them.
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