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Originally Posted by Rossco66 View Post
How do you figure? He's at 1.48J now and a heavier BB will have a slower FPS
This is how I figure.
Gas behind a heavier BB has more time to expand and exert its force onto the BB, this in turn give it more energy than it would receive had this been done in an AEG.

Originally Posted by Cobrajr122 View Post
I just tuned the 509mm barrel for 1.3J on BBB 0.2g then put BBB 0.28 in and got an increase of 0.15J, up to 1.55J.

Apparently this knowledge as not as wide spread as I thought it was on ASC, guess we need to do some more work on disseminating this very important information.

Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
More discussion on this here

Actually, tons everywhere if you google :P
Tons of information on here too. There is a reason there are a few of us pushing game hosts to set ENERGY limits and chrony for energy and not FPS, ESPECIALLY with gas guns.
This method is being followed for Nightfall this year.

Originally Posted by MultipleParadox View Post
Technically, if at 1.48J with .2, a gas gun will effectively have an higher energy output with heavier BBs; I wouldn't think that increase would be *that* high though; I'm sure there are charts around the web that people put up after actual tests
Yes, it is that high. There is a significant increase as seen above.

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