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Hey please help me

okay so i have a jg M4 CQB-RIS i've had it since uhh november of 2013 and chronograph-ed with .20g bbs is was shooting 360-370ish so i recently bought a suppressor and i wanted to extend my inner barrel into the suppressor because i wanted the best accuracy so i bought a JBU 407mm 6.03 tightbore barrel after i installed it the next day i went down to my local cqb facility and asked to chrono it they told me 285-300fps i was shocked, then iasked the guy if i could test fire oon the field he said yes so i put on my mask loaded my mag and went to the field so i started shooting i was shooting 100ft to 150ft from a wall and i was amazed my accuracy was dead on the iron sights and the distance increased and it shoots 100X time better than it did before i put in my new inner barrel but can someone tell me why my fps dropped because during the installation i lubricant the barrel and bucking and the bucking isnt ripped so can someone help me and tell me why this is happened??
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