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Originally Posted by Crossfire034 View Post
That's an excellent first step that a lot of new players seem to miss. If you do end up committing to the sport, a basic cost assessment will look something like this:

$170-???? pending on the gun you want
$30 for a smart charger
$30 for an extra battery (if you need it)
$15 for a BB speed loader
$25ish for a bag of BB's
$50ish for a set of decent quality BDU's
$40 for a chest rig and/or belt with proper magazine pouches (isn't necessary for starting out but it's a nice thing to have)
$50-100 for Goggles (You do NOT want to cheap out on these)

Other things you may want to look at are a good pair of hiking boots/shoes, a face guard/mesh mask, and a few extra low/mid cap magazines for your gun. Baby rattlers- er, hicaps, are what usually come with the gun and are generally frowned upon. But it's not a huge issue if you're just beginning to play.
thanks for the check-list/cost assessment from what I've read when it comes to goggles at least i want some kind of military grade I forget the correct name at the moment. And really how do people miss going and trying it out first? shouldn't that be the first this you do for practically anything you want to get into before buying a bunch of stuff and possibly finding out you don't like it?

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