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Originally Posted by Shinra View Post
Yeah i plan to do lots of research before i buy. My first priority is to go rent and try out the game before i commit to anything but I'm sure it'll be fun.
That's an excellent first step that a lot of new players seem to miss. If you do end up committing to the sport, a basic cost assessment will look something like this:

$170-???? pending on the gun you want
$30 for a smart charger
$30 for an extra battery (if you need it)
$15 for a BB speed loader
$25ish for a bag of BB's
$50ish for a set of decent quality BDU's
$40 for a chest rig and/or belt with proper magazine pouches (isn't necessary for starting out but it's a nice thing to have)
$50-100 for Goggles (You do NOT want to cheap out on these)

Other things you may want to look at are a good pair of hiking boots/shoes, a face guard/mesh mask, and a few extra low/mid cap magazines for your gun. Baby rattlers- er, hicaps, are what usually come with the gun and are generally frowned upon. But it's not a huge issue if you're just beginning to play.

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