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Alrite, so here is my final (hopefully) plan

From 007

M4 HiCap mag
Battery (since no other site has better Milliamp ratings than 007)

From other site Near AB

TM Speedloader

What I wanna know is this (a few of the site arn't working properly for me tonight/morning for some reason...

1) What charger to buy.

Airsoftkelowna has these two that they advertise as good:

Minifast charger (price is right)
Fuzzy Logic (way to expensive)

For batterys no one seems to have any 1200ma batterys (at least not the ones near AB)

Please recommend sites for me. I do not want to buy items from 3 different sites.. I want to avoid that as much as possible. I am willing to buy as much as i can from 007 and then the rest from another site. Hopefully in AB, BC or Sask

Also, What is the ABSOLUTE biggest battery a TM M4A1 can hold without modifying the actual gun.

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