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Originally Posted by CalvinTat

Heres my plan: (purchasing from 007)

8.4v 600ma Battery
Electric BB Auto Loader
M4 mag (not sure what cap)
PDI 150% Spring (Do I need to upgrade anything else with this? Will purchase this at a later date, because i wanna get use to my M4 and see if i really need this upgrade)
good choice on the gun, tm makes good stuff. for the battery however, i would recommend getting the 8.4v 1200mah mini (i don't own an armalite but i'm pretty sure it'll still fit)...if you double the mah you get twice as many shots before needing to charge :kill:. don't get the electric bb auto loader...just get a tm speedloader. for the charger, that's where you want to spend a little extra, sure a wall charger is like $15 but you'll just end up frying your battery and needing to replace's way cheaper (and easier) to just spend $60 or whatever it costs to get a higher quality charger. like you said, one low (comes with) and one highcap should be ok to start...and to answer your question about the spring don't really need it...stock the gun will shoot about 280fps which is fine when you're first starting out...with that spring you'll shoot about 390ish. if you do that you'll at LEAST need to get metal bushings.

when you want to to find out more about upgrades etc.

anyway, welcome to asc, and no we don't sleep.
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