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Don't have much time so i'll answer quickly...

1) Can you manually load Magazines? Or do you have to use the Loading rod or a similar tool. From the pictures it looks like you can just put them in 1 at a time.

An AEG comes with a loading rod, so no you do not have to load them 1 at a time. A lot of players use the TM speedloaders also.

2) Which magazine size(s) would you recommend (I was thinking a Mid or a Hi and then several Lo-Cap)

Low caps

a) Please suggest pros and cons of both

more realistic, no winding mechanism (less chances of messing up)

3) Do I really need that winder tool (that 007 carries) to wind my mags? Or is manually winding efficient enuf

Low caps do not require winding

4) Anyone here from Red Deer, AB. (or area?)

Check the teams section

5) What gun should I buy next? (such a typical thing for me to do...)

A sidearm (KWA/KSC glock19, KJW M9), gear (bdu's, vest?), another AEG, It's really up to you

Sorry for the quick answers but im in a rush, hope this helps
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