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A few Questions

Hey, I recently joined this forum, and have also recently been interested in Airsoft as a sport (living room battles are still fun though w/ Crappy Tire springers ), I have decided that since most of my friends have not jumped on board with me right away with the whole airsoft idea.. that I would force them into it with by using a M4A1 in a CQB.

Heres my plan: (purchasing from 007)

8.4v 600ma Battery
Electric BB Auto Loader
M4 mag (not sure what cap)
PDI 150% Spring (Do I need to upgrade anything else with this? Will purchase this at a later date, because i wanna get use to my M4 and see if i really need this upgrade)

My questions: (Yes I did use search..)

1) Can you manually load Magazines? Or do you have to use the Loading rod or a similar tool. From the pictures it looks like you can just put them in 1 at a time.

2) Which magazine size(s) would you recommend (I was thinking a Mid or a Hi and then several Lo-Cap)
a) Please suggest pros and cons of both

3) Do I really need that winder tool (that 007 carries) to wind my mags? Or is manually winding efficient enuf

4) Anyone here from Red Deer, AB. (or area?)

5) What gun should I buy next? :mrgreen: (such a typical thing for me to do...)

After browsing the forums a bit I am impressed as to how popular Airsoft has become in Canada but disappointed in the lack of interest in my own area. There are many Paintballers but very few move away from that... and most people who buy airsofts, buy the CT ones and never move away from those... (since most are 16-18). I will be moving to Calgary in 2 years so I guess I can play with people from that area soon (since summer is over and college starts for me on Wednesday).
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