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The burst control part of this X3300W works in a way like a Burst Avocado: It has a MOSFET transistor (different from the MOSFET unit in airsoft sense) to turn the current on and off so it can do bursts, but the main current still go through the trigger contact, and arcing will still occour when you pull the trigger. (Probably not when you release the trigger after a completed burst)

I think they are using different methods to count shots during a brust, but when it comes to protect your trigger, they are the same.

It would certainly work fine with a basic ON/OFF MOSFET unit, which is just an ON/OFF switch.

For AB I am not that sure. The transistor on X3300W will break the circuit once the detector of X3300W counted enough shots in a brust, and there will be no more power to the motor. If the AB is faster than that, it will brake, if not then it probably wouldn't... Don't know since I never used AB MOSFET unit.

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