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Just had a close call today maybe haha...

Tracking number shows notice card left, but no notice card!

Wife tells me we got a notice card, but it had the neighbors name and address on it lol...

Calling Canada Post JUST to be safe, I gave them the tracking number, and yup, the notice card number they gave me matched the notice card that was mis-labelled.

Apparently the mailman must have copied the name and address from a pile of other letters/parcels he was delivering to... So yeah, without a tracking number, I probably would never have received my item if the notice card was labelled for some random person and my wife delivered it to them lol...

*Now to wait until Saturday so I can pick-up my package lol...* Oh yeah, of course, there were more than one person home all day today too.

My local pickup location doesn't really check for ID to match the package either, they usually just scan, ask you to sign, take. If it was something worth thousands I'd probably be screwed T_T.

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