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Originally Posted by Red62 View Post
I have a Typhoon, AND I ran a KJW M9 Elite for 6 years- here's the difference:
Both have full metal slides, both has plastic lowers, but the KJ's build is a LOT more tight- less shake and less grit can get into it. The Typhoon, as much as I love it, I never for the co2 mag to work and the one I got I have to change a few springs in order to get the FullAuto to work.
With that said, both guns are nice to hold, you can exchange parts (recently I had to shelf my KJ, so now my Aftermath has my KJ barrel) and modify the snots out of the Typhoon. It'll accept TM and TM Cloned magazines, isn't too hard to maintain, and pins are never too hard to get out unless you just generally suck at using a hammer. So side-by-side, it's like the Typhoon is a modified clone of a clone- that's why people don't like it so much- plus parts tend to wear out on it pretty fast.
A tip with all GBB pistols: keep the slide clean and neatly lubed with silicone oil.
appreciate the input!

think I will go for a G&G extreme, found a vendor locally for 109$can.. too bad the typhoon doesn't hold up cause the full auto option would have been fun.
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