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I always hear good things about TM pistols, aegs not so much, both are overpriced but at least you can run the pistol stock, fps doesn't matter so much at the range you tend to use one whereas no one I know/heard of uses a stock TM aeg, and it costs too much for the gun in the first place to have to upgrade it too! I have a KJW mk1 and it's only a $100 gun. No mag leaks for first 5yrs. 3 out of 5 leaking last summer, $3 each to fix, 2 minutes. Gun is not blowback but you can run the mags in the pistol and carbine. Both can be "ghetto upgraded" for nothing and my Carbine shoots over 600fps w/.20's. I haven't upgraded the pistol as the 420 it already shoots at is high for a pistol in the first place.
Any rec on vendors to buy from in Canada? 600fps pal rated??
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