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I've considered buying one too, Heard mixed reviews so have held off. I used to have a "cheap" gas pistol with same type of magazine. I can say that gun was actually really good but the huge magazine was a pain. I prefer to carry a spare regular mag. Aftermath may be a "cheap" company but I have had a few of their aegs and they were all great. Especially their "Kraken" AK's possibly best bang for buck starter gun,(if u get it on sale and can put up with clearsoft). In the same price range falls the G&G xtreme45, I have one and it's decent, take a look at them.
As far as age verification goes, I've tried a few times over the last few years and only recently got in touch with someone who seems like I could actually get done through, however scheduling is an issue. Also I just don't see the point anymore. I'm not willing to risk buying a gun off someone I don't know and You can get most things online in Canada now. I always end up selling spare guns/equip to my friends so I don't need to do it here either. I've been told there are other benefits but no one can explain exactly what they are.

thank you for posting, I have been looking at those G&G xtreme45 for longer then the socom.. thing is the socom just came up locally and the G&G would have to be ordered. same thing mixed reviews.. but I found better reviews on the socom even a guy on youtube said he had one for over 4years..
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