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Hmm, well before in my area they were terrabad, still kind of are, but I know my "local mailman" now that delivers in my neighbour hood, and now he ACTUALLY WAITS FOR MY TO ANSWER THE FREAKING DOOR.

Beforing, living downtown, the fact that when they would leave me a notice card, after knocking once, and running away. I HAD to pick it up the next day, and not the same day, not sure if that's the same else where, but I could never pick it up the same day.

Also found this funny,

TORONTO Item processed at local delivery facility Learn More The item has arrived at the destination facility for final sorting before delivery. Look for an "Out for Delivery" scan today or tomorrow to know when delivery will occur. You can also sign up for email notifications.

MISSISSAUGA Item processed

TORONTO Item accepted at the Post Office

Electronic information submitted by shipper.
So my item went from Toronto->Mississauga->Toronto again -_-"
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