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Originally Posted by m0nolith View Post
Another question about this ak;
Other than the trigger set I know other aftermarket parts for this gun are a dynamic spring set, a recoil buffer kit, and a barrel (all made by ra tech).
(Edit, after a little more research it turns out that the dynamic spring set and the recoil buffer kit are meant to be used for the ak74UN and not the 47)
Are there any other parts out there? I plan on working on this thing for a while.
PS: what in the holy hell is a gbb hop up?
For starters, there isn't really much when it comes to aftermarket parts for the WE AK series other than the trigger and recoil buffer mainly because they fix two big problems with the WE AK. The trigger breaking after a while, and the ROF is lower than the real steel version because of the full bolt travel. There are more aftermarket parts such as a steel gas piston for the bolt, wood kits for the 74UN, and a special recoil spring and guide that will increase ROF without short stroking the bolt.Oh, and don't forget the most important aftermarket part for this gun, the RA tech NPAS, which will allow you to adjust the FPS for whatever field you be playing in. As for the gbb hop up, when you pull your bolt back, you will see a black cylinder-like object with a plastic ring around it. That's called the hop up unit. The purpose of having a hop up is to give the bbs backspin, therefore giving you flatter trajectory which will equal better range. To use it on your AK, simply turn the plastic ring up or down to adjust hop up, take a few shots, repeat till you are satisfied. My explanation of hop up isn't that great, but I just got back from work with a beer in me, holding my WE AK74UN trying to describe the hop up unit.
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