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Die-Hard Paintball (Cottam)

Hey, just wondering if anyone has played airsoft, or hell even paintball here, and can tell me anything about the field.

They had their first airsoft game in late February/early March (Can't recall the specific date), had their second game March 29th and a third one coming up April 27th.

Now, from what I have heard from some trusted friends who go there is that moderate theft of sights, pistols, magazines, etc has occurred at both of the games. There was a huge outcry when it occurred at the first game, but nothing at the second. No information about if it had been dealt with or not had gone public.

A few of us are wondering if maybe the thefts are being covered up, especially because the owners stay in the safe zone the entire time and have not caught the thief. Basically what I'm asking is it anyone has had poor experiences at this field.

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