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Ripped Off. Need Help.

Alrighty, Fed up with being ignored & not getting any replies on a deal that I did with a user on here so taking this public.

I went through on a deal with the user ASSASSIN 2015 (Actual name: *Blanked out for the next few days*) , I paid him for an item via money order, he said he had received the money order & had shipped the item (regular post, August 2nd ) to me.

I later find out that he lied about the date he shipped it, and then he claimed to have shipped it 5-6 days later then he originally said he would. (Aug 8th)

As of Aug 28 nothing has arrived, I know regular post is slow but come on, 20 days? Ya something is NOT right. He claims to have been away at "CFB Petawawa".

I then contact him asking for a refund of my money since I then know he hasnt shipped the item. He agree's to do a direct deposit to my account on Aug 31st. Guess what, Still nothing.

I try calling his house, Noone answers anymore, I have a strong feeling he is now screening my calls & expecting me to just go away, I think NOT.

So ya, that now leaves me very angry at this person & out of 75 hard earned dollars. Thats bullshit.

At this time I dont care about the privacy of this person ,You screwed me over & Im not going to let you get away with this.

If someone in his area could possibly contact him or anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Here are his details:

*Blanked out for the next few days*

Also, If someone could tell me exactly what I can do to get my money back from this person, I would be extremely grateful. I will take any & all legal action that I can.

Thank you.
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