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Unless you have a friend with a gun club membership and that club allows members to bring guests, then your only choice is what cav. stated - Target Sports Canada.

Again if you go you will at least need one more person with you and even on some weekdays it can get busy. So if you go prepare to have to wait for 1 or 2 hours before its your turn to use the range. Though you don't have to wait there, you can leave and come back a bit before you turn is up (after you have already signed up).

They have a selection of rifles (nothing larger than .223), pistols and shotguns that you can use, and no need for a PAL.

If there is 12 of you going, then you can call ahead and make a reservation. They have a package for groups of 12 (or more) that costs $100 for each person. Anyhow you can look up all the information yourself just visit their website.

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