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ive vote no, i don't think it's gonna be payful, airsoft need a kind of "innitiation" to understand, feel and live with the rule. That's not paintball, honnor is something you can get with work. That work is the searching on internet, the discution, been the only noob in the group, etc.
Its like a shop work, when there is only one noob, he will learn fast and good, thy he will be kicked out, but if you take 20 noob, then a new mentality will be developped, witch can or cannot be good, i mean by that that there is an inconscious work out there that affect the action, the interaction, the need of rule, etc.
Airsoft is to me something with an innitiation, and that's is done one by one or at least a little group(1 to 3). And not at this cegep, one of the biggest of the Quebec.
most of the people out there that will want to see this will be 17 anyway.

for people that dont understand pretty well what cegep is, its a school between college and university, it have been created to prepare the educationnal system of the Québec in the mid 60 for the baby boomers
this school is useless and should be removed, seem we are too dumb to do it then.

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