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Donation update

Wow. Thank you, guys, the donation drive went much much better than I ever imagined. We've reached over 50% of a 12 month target, in under a WEEK. I'm happy to say I've handed out several gigs of webspace, and there's plenty more left. THANK YOU, seriously. The future of this website is definitely secured for the next while, and I will be looking at some upgrades, hopefully bring Auctions back to ASC.

The webspace offer is still open, and we can always use more donations. Currently we have enough back up funds to operate for about 5 months, without retailer support. That is much better than I imagined, and although they are slowing down (30% of our target was met in the first 24 hours), they're beating my expectations.

This really means alot to all of the guys that support this website with their time or money, because many of us have put 4 years of our spare time into growing this site to the size it is now, and helping the airsoft community in Canada grow the way it has. We started with 300 members, now we've got over 3000 very active, and 6000 fairly active members, visiting the site over 160 000 times a month. Couldn't be happier.

Thanks again, and our celebrity operators are still waiting by the phones.
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