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Intermational - The Combat for the Falklands 2014

Last year our group conducted a game that was called «The Combat for Manhattan». After that, many airsoft blogs from all around the world were interested in reporting about the event.

Especially for that game, we built an airsoft version of the Abrams M1A1 tank, a 15 meter high Statue of Liberty, and other elements of entourage.

For the first time during the game, pyrotechnics were used and tested to approximate explosions similar to the ones used in laser-tag.

During 12- 14 June 2014, we are organizing a new game that is called «The Combat for the Falklands 2014». This game will take place in Russia, 70 km from Yekaterinburg (The Urals ). The game is supposed to be an international one, and we are inviting not only Russians but airsoft players from all over the world!

The theme for this game’s script is based on the 1982 conflict between Great Britain and Argentina for the Falkland Islands.

In this game, it is assumed that the Great Britain’s main ally, the USA, is engaged in difficult fights with the Russian-Chinese alliance close to Washington. Spain and Argentina unify their efforts to counteract Great Britain in the disputed territories.

Argentina and Spain have prepared the new Unbeatable Armada and have directed it to the Falkland islands. Based on information received about the combined group, it is known that there are many LCVP Mk5 landing craft and light armored vehicles.

To assist Great Britain, the USA sends the Third Marine Division, supported by M1A2 Abrams heavy tanks, from Camp Courtney, Okinawa.

Great Britain and the USA prepare to defend the Falkland Islands against the marines of the Undefeatable Armada of Argentina and Spain.

Argentina and Spain are close to the Falklands. The battle for the islands is coming!

For «The Battle for the Falklands», we upgrade the Abrams tank to the M1A2 version.

Moreover, the game will include two LCVP Mk5 landing craft, and the game will start with the amphibious assault on the fortified coast.

To create a realistic atmosphere, professional pyrotechnics will be used in the game’s script. Also, we modified and tested the destruction system for buildings based on the technology of laser-tag.

Our game will take a place on the new polygon. There is a forest zone, a coast for the landing operation, and enough buildings around. The polygon is situated on the territory of an abandoned pioneer camp of the Soviet era.

This year we would like to support our foreign guests in all possible ways, and we prepared a special price. Participation in the game for foreigners costs 90 € /140 $.

This price includes:
1. Transfer Ekaterinburg’s Airport – Hotel ( Guest pay for the hotel themselves, we guarantee assistance in choosing and booking the hotel).
2. An excursion in Yekaterinburg.
3. Transfer Hotel – Game’s polygon.
4. Accommodation on the firing field in a tent, food, bio toilet.
5. Rent of the airsoft guns for the game, set of the batteries, the balls.
6. English-speaking (Spanish-speaking) guide.
7. Video, photographs made by professional photographers.
8. Participation in the game.
9. Transfer Game’s polygon - Hotel.
10. Transfer Hotel - Ekaterinburg’s Airport.

More information about the game can be found on the English version of our website:

Please send your questions and requests to participate to:

Having talked to many foreign players, we have realized, that some of them are really worried about the safety during the game. That is why we want to assure that the Russian airsoft players are peaceful and positive people. And to provide more safety there will be arranged a separate camp for foreigners. Also, the location will be guarded by the security whose main tasks are to provide order and prevent conflict situations.
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