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I don't have a lot of games under my belt but I am thankful for wearing a mesh lower mask. Coming from a paintball past it's amazing to actually be able to breath and communicate properly because we can have a mask that open, you'd have a technicolor beard in paintball with one. Another neat thing is you can bend/shape a mesh mask to your liking... I have not experimented much in this area but nothing is stopping you from say cutting out the check portions to be able to better sight your gun, just trading protection versus function so you have to weight the balance.

I am fortunate to have a local ASC member let me raid his basement one day to chrono my new gun but I have been keeping my eyes out for a deal on a unit as it's good to be prepared well in advance of events if you are planning to attend a few that have various FPS limits. I would suggest PM'ing some locals, this community so far has been outstanding at helping educate and assist me and I'd imagine the same courtesies would be extended to you.

Have fun at your game! I am doing one of the zombie games at PRZ, OP Down with the Sickness... you can check it out in the games section here:

OP Down with the Sickness May 24

Looks to be mad fun so you might consider coming.
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