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Gun shooting "hot"

Hey everyone,

I decided last year I wanted to give airsoft a try. So I went out and picked up a gun, plinked around in the backyard with it, made note of the costs associated with getting the rest of the required gear, and sort of put it all on the backburner.

This year I'm going to a game, come hell or high water. I've got my gun, mags, batteries, full seal eye pro, basic tactical gear, gloves, boots, etc.

My one concern is that I'm going to show up to my first game and my gun is going to chrono too "hot" (the outdoor games around here cap at 400fps) and I'll be SOL before I even get started.

My gun is a G&P sentry bought last year. I have no idea what it will chrono at. I've looked at all the websites I can and there seems at least a reasonable chance that it might chrony over 400 (even if just slightly).

Any suggestions? I'm not sure what to do. I'm in the Hamilton/Burlington area.

I also have to ask, face pro (such as a mesh mask); how many of you wear it for outdoor games with 400fps limits? I've got full dental and I'll be fine (I think) if I take a shot to the face. I'm curious though.

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