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Originally Posted by Groombug
Another deterrent, at least for U of T, is that we simply have far too many left-wing, pacifist, anti-gun, anti-violence, pro-peace, pro-love and kisses type people on campus to make airsoft or an airsoft club anything but a controversial (and by extension then high profile) issue.
I really don't know about that. I'm on York at the moment, and there are a few 'softers in the school from what i've heard. I've talked to a few of my very good friends about the sport, what it's about, the community, etc. Most of my friends are very much like myself: left-wing, pro peace, pro love and kisses, but at the same time, some of us see the merit in having a good old fashioned fun time. Airsoft, its team-building atmosphere, and tactical action is really something that a lot of my friends are interested in getting into.

I'm down for the private meeting amongst individuals of high character, but let's not turn away others because they're simply "left wing" or "pro love"

left wing doesn't necessarily equate to anti-airsoft or anti-gun, we just stand for the responsible use and acquisition of said items.

my vote is yes in respect to the private invitation-only information session.
You may not like my opinion... there is a very simple solution to that: Close your eyes.

Left wing love for airsoft.

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