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Games for newbies?

I just wanted to ask about all the games listed I this forum. I've seen a bunch of games with complicated story lines, games that look like invite only, or at least you seem to have to be known by the organizers. If you are just starting out in this game, and in my case in a new city as well, how welcoming are the games listed? I'm not part of a team and am new to the game as if this winter so the only place I have gone is to ultimate air soft. I had a blast there, but would like a bit more out of the sport. Summer is coming, I would like to get out to take part. I, like a bunch of people am not a kid, and have invested in the equipment, I don't want the only use of my guns to be shooting pop cans in the garage. I guess I'm looking for sort of a walk on game with a bit more if a story than paint ball, but not totally milsim. Any advice regarding games would be great.
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