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Exclamation Need haaalp!!!!

Ok, so im relatively new to airsoft. And ive spectated a few games and ive decided! Im into this sport. After months of negotiating with my rather gun opposing parents i am allowed to buy a gun. A budget gun that is. So i soent hours in my local comex hobby and ive ended with three choices. All of which i have concerns that could affect me in the long run. My first choice os a g&g CM of any model. Ive heard good and bad of it. Hit or miss, love or hate. Ive heard that it falls apart after a while. My 2nd choice is also by g&g, its a cm chione m4 which is just an m4 tht is white. My inly conern is will it fall apart and how easily will it get dirty and cleaning options. My final choice is a JG g36C i really like g36 designs. But ive heard that JG uses crappy internals. Ive also read a review about a guys jg having snapped internals and it came over oiled. Its also made in not so sure on chinese airsoft guns tho. This gun needs to last me a few years. So any ideas, recommendations? Thanks
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